Welcome to the One Thousand and One Nights podcast, a new fiction podcast produced by Nathan Kane and Morgan Dubin.

Each episode we bring you the ancient mythologies of the Arabian Nights reinterpreted by modern authors in a variety of settings and styles. These stories have been told and retold for hundreds of years and trace their roots back to ancient medieval Arabian, Persian, Indian, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian folklore. While some westernized stories such as Aladdin and the tales of Sinbad are widely known, many other wondrous myths have yet to find life in our culture.

The stories are famously told by Scheherazade to enrapture the Sultan in a heroic effort to forestall her execution and save her people. You can find many of the original tales here.

These winding, nesting and mysterious stories are presented to you as original adaptations, never before heard or read. You may find new episodes on the blog, in the iTunes store and the stories themselves published in our archives. If you are interested in entering one of our story competitions, please check out our story page or email me at nathan@1001nightspodcast.com.

Scheherazade is voiced by Arielle Siegel and music is provided by Pharaoh’s Daughter, Disparition Hayvanlar Alemi and Damscray. If you are interested in having your music featured on the podcast, please contact us at nathan@1001nightspodcast.com.

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