Night 15: Stories by Meagan Kensil, Lori Goldstein


In night fifteen of the 1001 Nights Podcast, we continue chapter three: “The Story of the Porter and the Ladies of Baghdad.” Tonight we hear more of “The Story of the Second Mendicant” in which a disgraced prince of Hollywood finds love in a strange place and faces supernatural consequences. We also hear the full tale of “The Envier and the Envied,” which is told by the prince of Hollywood to a jinn in order to convince him to be kind to those who envy.

“The Story of the Second Mendicant” is retold by Lori Goldstein. The story of the “Envier and the Envied” is retold by Meagan Kensil. 

You can learn more about Lori and Meagan our contributor page. If you’re interested in reading the original stories, you can do so through Bartleby.

The 1001 Nights Podcast is created and produced by Nathan Kane and Morgan Dubin. Scheherazade is voiced by Arielle Siegel and music is generously provided by Pharaoh’s DaughterHayvanlar Alemi and Eric Hopton.

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