Are you interested in submitting to The 1001 Nights Podcast? Are you a talented and passionate writer of imaginative short fiction? The 1001 Nights is a story-telling podcast where modern authors re-write and adapt the tales of the Arabian Nights in order.

Some stories are parables told within the context of larger tales. Some are frame stories in which other authors will contribute flashbacks. Some are the flashbacks themselves. Each present an unique set of challenges and opportunities. They are all wonderfully enjoyable and creative.

If you are interested in submitting, please listen to at least one existing episode to get a better sense of the project and then see the guidelines below.

To submit a story:

Please send a writing sample (no longer than 5000 words) in the body of an email to nathan_at_1001nightspodcast_dot_com. Attachments will not be opened. Please include any pertinent information about your knowledge or interest regarding the 1001 Nights or retellings in general. Also include any preferences you may have in terms of upcoming stories, and links to published works.

Authors should expect to write between 2000 and 5000 words for their story and should keep in mind that these tales will be read aloud. Due dates will depend on the story assigned to you but we’re willing to work with talented and passionate authors! Please note that your story can be set anywhere in time and space. The essential lesson and key elements are the only thing we ask you preserve and once we’ve selected you to write a retelling, our editor will talk this through with you.

Contributors Agreement:

We only publish original work and therefore reserve first publishing rights. After the chapter in which the story occurs is fully published on our site, generally within two months of initial publication and air-date, authors may do what they will with their stories. We reserve non-exclusive electronic rights in order to keep the author’s work online as part of the 1001 Nights Podcast blog, and non-exclusive publishing and anthology rights. Authors will be compensated for any print publication of their story. The amount of compensation will be equal to half the total profits of any sold work, equally divided by the number of contributing authors.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your work.


To submit music or graphics:

Please send any musical contributions or graphics to nathan_at_1001nightspodcast_dot_com. We are looking for all types of music and specifically One Thousand and One Nights themed graphics; though feel free to submit other kinds for consideration.


Thank you!

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